The photographers

Karl Hayden is a freelance video cameraman and photographer. In addition to his commercial work, he has also been recording and archiving many of the events around the LGBT community in Ireland charting the progress of LGBT equality over the last two decades. He is an active member of the LGBT community helping to bring about equality at home in Ireland and abroad for three decades. Most of his commercial work is in the area of fashion video production.

Tristan Hutchinson is a Dublin-based Editorial and Fine Art photographer. Tristan’s work looks at contemporary community, with specific focus in Ireland at a time of social transformation.

John McColgan’s love of photography goes back to childhood when he won his first camera for a primary school essay competition.  Among his varied careers he was a cameraman in RTE before embarking on life as a TV and Stage Director. He has renewed his love of photography hosting his first exhibition in The House gallery in Howth entitled Horizon Howth in 2015 raising thirty thousand euro for the Howth lifeboat charity. He is combining his photographic talent with supporting good causes. John  is currently planning two exhibitions;  one portraits of great Irish writers for Fighting Words the other an exhibition for Trocaire of photographs taken in the Gaza Strip.

John Minihan is a film photographer who has been using a Rolleiflex camera shooting only black and white for over 50 years.

John Minihan and Charlie Bird outside Hodges Figgis Bookstore in Dublin

John Minihan and Charlie Bird outside Hodges Figgis Bookstore in Dublin

Kate Nolan  is an Irish visual artist focused on extended photographic stories that examine the nature of identity. Her artist’s book ‘Neither’ won the Magnum Award 2015, the Alliance Francaise Award and was nominated for Best Photobook at Foto Book Kassel 2015. Her work has been exhibited and published widely in Japan, USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, UK and Ireland.

Opens to the public Wednesday 11 May – continues until 22 May 2016


On the 23rd of May 2015 the people of Ireland made history by becoming the first country in the world to vote by popular mandate to change their constitution to allow for the introduction of same sex marriage. The joyous scenes from across Ireland and Dublin Castle, as the historic vote was declared, made headlines across the globe.

But more than anything else the May 2015 vote was about changing the ‘Real Lives’ of the largest minority of people in Ireland: the LGBT Community.

The exhibition on show here in Gallery of Photography features stunning portraits by leading Irish photographers: Karl Hayden, Tristan Hutchinson, John Minihan (famous for his portraits of Samuel Beckett), Peter MacMenamin, John McColgan of Riverdance fame and Kate Nolan, .

The exhibiton is accompanied by a specially produced book book ‘A Day In May’ by Charlie Bird – a poignant record to be read by everyone, gay and straight alike.

“…these stories collected by Charlie Bird, filled with bracing honesty and heart-breaking personal revelation, make clear that being gay in Ireland was perhaps a more essential aspect of Irish history and Irish reality than anyone was aware.”

Colm Tóibín

The portraits compliment the voices on paper to powerful effect, amplifying the life-affirming impact of the day in May 2015 when Ireland said Yes to Equality.

Gallery of Photography